Just got another 1-star along with a “service quality” flag. Totally worth it.

Picked up three 20-ish old girls from the bar. As it usually happens with girls in a group of 3 or more, they were deafeningly loud. They also had a terminal case of MPS (Magic Pussy Syndrome), thinking that the world owes them just because they’re young and attractive, at least in their own eyes.

Right away we had a big argument about Taco Bell. No, I don’t do drive-throughs, gals… especially at the bar close time. No, you can’t fool around with my radio either. Dump the cups, no open containers in this car.

Eventually they settle down and begin yapping (LOUDLY) about their fucking parents and fucking Thanksgiving dinner, and how they fucking told their fucking parents to fucking fuck off… taking occasional jab at immigrants in general and me in particular (Hey driver, your profile sez you’re from Russia, is that so? That explains a lot, haha!). Then conversation goes back to their fucking parents and fucking sugar daddies; rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

Luckily it was just a 10-minute ride (short one for where I live), that saved them from being tossed out of my car.

Anyhow, we arrive at one of their fucking parents fucking mansions, and they all suddenly are super sweet, wishing me a great night and whatnot. Likely hoping for a good rating in return. As they exit the car, I look at the back seat and notice A TON of crap they left behind – club bracelets, used napkins, wrappers, empty cups, you name it. Asked them to take out their trash, but got a bunch of Super Nice Smiles and goodnights in return. Girls exit my car, run across the driveway (it was raining like crazy) and immediately hop into a Porsche, obviously their plans included more partying tonight. There’s just one small flaw in their plan: my car was still blocking the only exit.

I put the hood on, get out, snap a few photos of the shit they left behind ($20 from Uber, thanks for a tip!), grab it all and walk over to that Porsche. Knock-knock! The window rolls down, all gals are in a back seat making faces “What the fuck else do you want, pleb?!…” I give them a nice smile and say “You forgot something!”, then toss a pile of soaking wet garbage on their knees. Made sure it spread evenly. Made sure to keep a poker face. Made sure to hold my lolz till I got back into my car.