Perfect case in point.

Yesterday was a very slow day, so I picked up the same 4.72 twice – once during the day, once later at night. The latter was a rather regretful experience.

  • Daytime 4.72. Picked up 2 well dressed young dudes near my residence. They were nice and polite. Going to a bar a few blocks away. Minimal fare + $5 on-app tip. Gave them 5 stars.
  • Nighttime 4.72. Picked up the same dudes at the same bar. They had no problem walking and standing upright, but that’s about it. Nothing “nice and polite” about them anymore. Put a (very) wrong address as a destination in the app, demanded that I should update it myself and go to a Waffle House nearby. No, iHop. No, Taco Bell. Ok, Waffle House. Mid-ride one of them said to his buddy “Boy, I want to punch that motherfucking driver in the head!”, to which I replied “Threaten me again and see what happens”. That made them quiet for the rest of the ride; dropped them off without any further incidents. No tip, 1-starred them and filed an unmatch request just to be sure.
  • Few hours later, as I was returning home, I saw them again. They just got back to their own apartment in a cab. One was sitting on the ground, barely conscious and covered in vomit… and a “punch him in the head” one was fighting the cabby on a sidewalk. As I drove by, a second cab from the same company stopped across the street, the driver jumped out and joined the fight. And as I was pulling into my driveway, I’ve heard the sirens approaching…