Pick up at the mansion on a scenic lakeshore. A guy comes out chewing on a huge cigar, tosses a few suitcases on a pavement and tells me that I’ll be transporting his ex wife. Ok, if you want me to load these myself, I will. Meanwhile, three middle aged ladies are approaching. Waitaminute, are they bringing drinks in open cups?! You can’t have that, dump the cups. Yes, you’ve heard me. No, you’re not getting a ride with these. I don’t care that all other drivers let you do it, I’m not other drivers.

Guy chokes on his cigar, sides with me on a drink issue and off we go, 3 snakes and I. Guy’s last words were “Tip him twenty!”…

The whole trip pax were talking about that guy in my backseat, then went tindering. I wish I could unhear what I’ve heard.

…Anyhow, an hour later we’re at their destination, and I’m unloading their suitcases thinking that it’s a guaranteed mutual 1-star. Snake №1 picks up her suitcase and hands me $20. Ok, maybe not a 1 star after all. Snake №2 does the same. And so does the snake №3. Now I have a $60 tip on a $35 trip. Okaaaay, definitely not a 1 star material.

A few hours later I checked my trip log and saw that there’s also a $20 in-app tip. And a compliment that reads “Thanks for being so cool with our shit”.