Two college age girls hop into my car, wearing nothing but bikinis. They are barefoot; one has a phone (she ordered the ride), while another is carrying a tiny vape… and that’s it. Few minutes later a fully dressed (but also barefoot) boy joins the group and off we go. It’s a 10 minute ride from one private party to another, nothing to write home about.

Halfway to their destination, the “phone girl” suddenly wants to play with my radio from the back seat. No? Windows down then. No?! You’re a fucking Uber driver bitch, you do what I’m fucking telling you to do! Hey, why the fuck are you pulling over?!…

Last thing I’ve heard before the doors slammed behind them was the boy saying “Thanks for the ride Marcy!”

…Left them in a dark parking lot of an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere. In the rain. With 2% charge left in the only phone they had (I think she used the remaining charge to 1-star me). In the area where usual wait time for an Uber is 25-30 minutes.

The rest of the night I was humming happy tunes.