Tag: feel good

“I Only Have Hundreds!”

Drunk pax searching his pockets late at night. “I’ll have to tip you on the app, I only have hundreds on me!” – Okay, whatever. After he left,…

Uber BSG

Today, for no particular reason at all, I’ve got various Battlestar Galactica tunes playing in my head… so sometimes I’ve been humming them while in my car alone….

“Tip Him Twenty!”

Pick up at the mansion on a scenic lakeshore. A guy comes out chewing on a huge cigar, tosses a few suitcases on a pavement and tells me…

Weirdest Tip

Just got tipped $25 in a weirdest way possible. Via text message Through Uber proxy Through cash.me In bitcoin Nerds!

Pool Pax From Heaven

I tend to accept the first ping of the night, no matter what. It’s just part of the game, I guess. Anyhow, last night’s first ping was Poop….