Picked up a neighbor from his home, dropped off at a grocery store nearby. He wanted to add a stop to make it a roundtrip, but I told him to just order another ride when he’s ready. Oddly enough, he was back in a few minutes, and I got his ping. No wait time in both cases, straight shot from A to B and from B back to A. Same route.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, the first ride had a sticky $3.75 surge attached. So it was kinda interesting to see what pax actually paid…

A to B. I receive: min fare $3.75 + $3.75 surge + $1 on-app tip, $8.50 total. Rider pays: $7.33 fare + $1 tip, $8.33 total. Uber receives: – $0.17.

B to A. I receive: min fare $3.75 + $2 on-app tip, $5.75 total; no surge this time. Rider pays: $7.85 fare + $2 tip, $9.85 total. Uber receives: $4.10.


  1. Uber math is fucked up, as usual
  2. A ride with sticky surge doesn’t mean that your pax is paying more
  3. Somewhere someone is giving a non-surge ride to pax who paid a full surge price and now wants a refund, driver be damned.