Just had a no-show at the weirdest pickup location of the year.

Imagine the street, with name and everything, attached to an inner bend of a highway turn (speed limit 65mph). No pocket to safely slow down, just oh shi. The street is about 6 yards long: 1 yard of asphalt, 2 yards of gravel, 3 yards of dirt… then suddenly, a fire hydrant in the middle, immediately followed by forest. But look, there’s a lonely mailbox and what appears to be a very rough driveway! A driveway that leads to the same dark forest, but now I see in my headlights:

  • Every single tree is plastered with “NO TRESPASSING” and “VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT” signs
  • There’s a gate of sorts. An anchor chain stretched between tree stumps; it’s laying on the ground, so guess I’m supposed to drive over it…
  • That chain has a bunch of thick 3″ nails welded to every single link.

According to live location, pax is right in front of me, and so’s my pickup spot. Yet not a single light, not a peep from the woods.

…aaand the timer’s done, gotta go. Thanks for a no-show fee, weirdo!