Any new field adds something to my vocabulary. With Uber, I haven’t discovered any new words in a very long time. Then, thanks to the Uber online community, I finally got one. Shart.

To invent and adopt a word for something, it must be occurring frequently and commonly enough… Yet there’s no word for it in my native language or (to the best of my knowledge) any other languages that I’m familiar with. So while some Eskimo dialects allegedly have 50+ words for “snow”, Americans have a shart. Charming.

Anyhow, today it finally happened. Had a 4 year old girl shart in my car, luckily in a booster seat. Imagine an old Mexican dude who ate beans for at least a month drink a glass of milk, then an hour later take the biggest dump of his life… Well, it stank much worse. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes. It could gag a maggot, but we’ve survived somehow.

Anyhow, now I’m a proud (not really) member of the “Pax Sharted In My Car” club.