Pax, a young couple, were already waiting when I arrived. As they hopped in, I’ve started the ride and immediately noticed that their destination was a local hospital’s ob/gyn wing. Late at night. Hmmm…

I turned around to check on a female pax and noticed that she had a huge belly… my suspicion was immediately confirmed by her partner who yelled “Please hurry, she’s in labor!”

Oh fuck.

I had 2 options: kick them out and tell them to call a real ambulance, or deliver their asses to a hospital. Trip to a hospital: 15 minutes. Average waiting time for an ambulance in their neck of the woods: 20 minutes.

Guess this gig haven’t jaded me enough, because I’ve decided to drive them to a hospital myself. 10 minutes later (I had to cut a few corners and made a couple of illegal turns) they were safely delivered and all ready for, um, another kind of delivery.

Luckily it haven’t started in my car.

…I even got a $2 in-app tip, yay!…