Arrived at the pickup location late at night, some local stadium. No one’s around, but the big lights are on, and there’s some dude in a tower – judging by live location, my pax. Started the clock, 3 minutes later got a text “drive to another gate”. Ok, no problemo, but where’s “please”?… Parked at the gate, got another text: “closer!”

As he began turning the stadium lights off one after another, I realized that his goal all along was to arrive just seconds before the 5 minute mark. Looks like he’s done this before and knows the timing. So after a little hesitation I’ve decided that I absolutely don’t want this asshole in my car, even at the price of no compensation. I cancelled the ride and drove off. End of story? *Ha. Ha. Ha.*

He was texting me for the next hour, calling me names. And the wonderful Lyft texting relay worked only in one direction – all my texts back to him bounced with generic “This is Lyft. We could not forward your message”. Yet they had no issues forwarding his logorrhea to me. He even left a few voicemails of the same.

During this time I had other rides, both Lyft and Uber. Yet a relay with that paxhole stayed active. What the actual fuck, Lyft?!