Our town has only 2 watering holes that are open past midnight: one is a biker bar and another one is a cartel shithole. Both are located on the same narrow 1-way street in a historical downtown. Biker bar is pretty much self sufficient and carefree, while a cartel shithole is always monitored by at least 2 patrol cars after dark.

I’m parked next to the latter, waiting on a pax (or timer, whichever comes first), when a dirty van with glowing Uber sign makes an illegal turn and starts driving towards me, totally ignoring the fact that the street is clearly marked as one way and he’s moving in a wrong direction.

Oh boy, you must be new. I already see a blackout cop car slowly pulling from the alley behind me, ready to bust his ass… But suddenly there’s a pimped up Mustang flying at least 60 in a 15mph zone, blowing a red light, not quite making it into a turn and smashing full speed into a line of parked cars.

In a matter of seconds there were 7 cop cars at the scene, cops shouting, weapons drawn, and everyone lost their interest in that Uber van. At this exact moment the van driver realized that he’s driving in a wrong direction, so he slammed on the brakes and did a 16-point (I kid you not) turn, then sloooowly noped the fuck out, most likely to change his pants.

PS: When I drove by 20 minutes later, I saw at least 15 cop cars at the scene. Guess that Mustang was loaded.