Got a ping shortly before midnight, knew the street name but the address looked unfamiliar. Well, Google Maps to the rescue!… Wait, a car wash? At midnight? Nope, it’s not even close enough to start the timer, and the street is wrong! Ok, let’s drive around and try to get as close as possible to the pin then, shall we?…

5 minutes later I am at the pin. Exactly at the pin. Smack in the middle of a huge cemetery. Of course there’s no one here. And all the gates are closed, so I have a very vague idea how I got there.

Timer runs out, thanks for a gothic $4.50. As I’m trying to find a way out, another ping comes in, same spot. 5 minutes later I get another $4.50. And the third time, bringing my midnight cemetery fare to $13.50 in 20 minutes… Thanks, ghost rider!

PS: It took me nearly 15 minutes to find a way out.