We have a lot of new pax in my town, so at least 2-3 times per “shift” I have to explain how to rate, tip, add a stop… You name it.

Last night I’ve spent over 10 minutes trying to do a show-and-tell for another “How do I tip you on the app?”

We all know how it works, right? Problem is, I was unable to rate or tip myself on pax’s phone, even from the ride history. The only available options were for reporting the driver.

Few hours later I was asked for another show-and-tell, and this time it went without a hitch. Checked the app version: latest and greatest. Then, a few rides later I got one of my regulars, and out of curiosity borrowed his phone at the end of the trip. His app (also latest and greatest) had no tipping or rating options whatsoever.

That confirms my old suspicion that sometimes Uber suspends tipping interface, either randomly or at will, to discourage tipping and/or to punish certain drivers.